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Obsolete Technology Explored Through Glass work at Customs House Museum

The Planters Bank Peg Harvill Gallery in the Customs House Museum has become a curiosity shop of sorts this February. Mergings: A Visual Exploration is an exhibit of glass by Tennessee artist Jennifer Crescuillo. Jennifer has manipulated her medium into everyday objects such as data cartridges and adding machines that do not appear to be what the average visitor expects to see in a glass exhibit.


Many of the works in the show are kiln cast and cold worked glass. Kiln formed and cast glass is glass that has been fired in a kiln at a range of high temperatures from 1,000 °F – 1,650°F. Most contemporary kiln forming methods involve stacking sheets or chunks of glass, often using different colors to create patterns or simple images. The glass is then placed inside the electric kiln, held together using dams and molds, and then heated through a series of rapid changes in temperature and soaks (holding the temperature at a specific point) until the separate pieces begin to bond together. The longer the kiln is held at the maximum temperature, the more thoroughly the glass pieces will fuse. Once the desired effect has been achieved, the kiln temperature will be brought down quickly to the hardening point of the glass. The glass is then allowed to cool slowly.


Jennifer Crescuillo is an internationally exhibited artist living and working in Silver Point, Tennessee. She received a Bachelors of Fine Art at Bowling Green State University, and then continued her research at Southern Illinois University Carbondale where she received her Masters of Fine Art in glass in 2010. Jennifer has been featured in New Glass Review 34 and 36, and she was granted a fellowship at Wheaton Arts at The Creative Glass Center of America in 2014. Jennifer has also worked and taught in many glass studios around the United States such as Pilchuck Glass School, Urban Glass, and the Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass, Pittsburgh Glass Center, and the Appalachian Center for Craft.


Mergings: A Visual Exploration will be on exhibit through February 28th. Located at the corner of Second and Commerce Streets, the Customs House Museum is the second largest general museum in Tennessee. For more information on above event contact Terri Jordan, Exhibits Curator, at 931-648-5780 or                                  JenniferCrescuillo_5

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